Q: Do you use a second shooter?

A: Yes! If it’s not Emily and Tyler together, it’s another experienced photographer with one of them.

Q: What is your shooting style?

A: We document the day in a very raw, organic way, capturing the real moments happening as much as possible. However, we will direct as needed and since you paid good money for those amazing details, we do some posing to showcase them. Overall, our goal is to bring out your personalities, make an image that is aesthetically beautiful, and hopefully get you to have some fun in the process! :)

Q: What if we’re really awkward in photos?

A: WE FEEL YOU. We know what it’s like to be in front of the lens and even for us, we can freeze up when someone is taking our photo! It’s part of our job to get you to relax and direct you into poses or emotions that bring out your personalities. We always encourage engagement sessions because we can get to know the couple before the wedding so that when we show up that day, you’ll have experience being in front of our cameras and we’ll feel more like friends than strangers. Also just an FYI - almost none of the couples on our site felt totally comfortable at first but by the end we’re all just laughing and having fun and the photos come out magical!

Q: What does a typical wedding schedule look like?

A: We usually arrive for an hour of getting ready and stay until 20-30 minutes into open dance floor. Sometimes people are able to schedule everything so that the photography schedule is 8 hours and some people need more. When we do an initial phone consultation, we try to help clients figure out how many hours they may need from us.

Q: Are you willing to travel?

A: Yes! Driving rates are 50 cents/mile for weddings more than 2 hours away and those also may involve 2 nights in a hotel and sometimes airfare depending how far. 

Q: If I have a Chicago wedding, do you need a hotel? 

A: Nope! 

Q: What is the extent of your editing?

A: I (Emily) adjust for the light/exposure, color correct, adjust the framing and basically edit til I go, "This looks really pretty." For those brides or grooms worrying about that zit that popped up the day before their wedding, do not worry I will edit that thing away. :) 

Q: Can I order prints through you?

A: Yes! All our photos are delivered in an online gallery that also operates as a print shop. :) The printing company is professional grade and guarantees your photos print true to color and quality.

Q: How long does it take for me to get my photos after the wedding?

A: Your images are promised within 3 months but we often deliver before then and we always try to post a few sneak peeks during that time!