Q: Do you use a second shooter?
A: Yes! Every collection of mine includes an experienced second shooter. My husband shoots with me a good amount of the time and if it's not him, it's another experienced second shooter that I've worked with before.

Q: What is your shooting style?
A: I document the day in a very raw, organic way, capturing the real moments happening as much as possible. However, I will direct as needed and since you paid good money for those amazing details, I'll do some posing to showcase them. Overall, my goal is to bring out your personalities, make an image that is aesthetically beautiful, and hopefully get you to have some fun in the process! :)

Q: Are you willing to travel?
A: Yes! Driving rates are 50 cents/mile for weddings more than 2 hours away and those also may involve 2 nights in a hotel and sometimes airfare depending how far. 

Q: If I have a Chicago wedding, do you need a hotel? 
A: Nope! 

Q: What is the extent of your editing?
A: I adjust for the light/exposure, color correct, and basically edit til I go, "This looks really pretty." For those brides worrying about that zit that popped up the day before their wedding, do not worry I will edit that thing away. :) 

Q: Do you have backup gear? 
A: Yes!

Q: Can I order prints through you?
A: Yes! All my photos are delivered in an online gallery that also operates as a print shop. :)