They met when she was a little girl and he was the cute older neighbor boy next door. Mackenzie crushed on Sam her whole life but the age difference was too drastic at the time for Sam to notice little M. Fast forward a decade and they run into each other at a bar. Sam falls for Mackenzie this time + the rest is history. 

These two are some of the most genuine, happy, kind people I've ever met. When I did their engagement session, they had made a pot full of coffee, a plate full of bacon, and asked me to sit and hang out for a while so they could hear about my life. No joke. They paid me to take their photos and they seemed more interested in making me feel known + loved. Gosh do I like them and gosh, do they adore each other. Enjoy this wedding filled to the brim with with laughter, joy, and gut-meltingly adorable love.

Flower Crown: Emily Rose Flower Crowns

Bride's Dress: Something New and Borrowed Blue

Bride's Shoes: Steve Madden

Bridesmaids Dresses: BHLDN

Groomsmen Suits: Macy's

Groom's Suit: Calvin Klein